DC's National Parks

Explore the Park Sites in the Capital

Select a park, and start your adventure in Washington D.C. with Best Western hotels.

With nearly 15.8 million visitors in 2002, Washington DC has seen its visitation numbers steadily increase year over year – it was nearly 19 million in 2013, with roughly 1.6 million of those visitors traveling in from overseas. DC may be the Nation's Capital, but it's also home to an impressive display of national and historic landmarks.

Make plans to explore DC soon and be sure to check out any number of the 23 unique national parks. Combined, the national parks of DC see more than 37.7 million visitors annually. Explore the National Mall and find a selection of those most famous and iconic sites – the Washington Memorial is always impressive, and the Lincoln Memorial is an inspiring monument. 

Plan for a full day, if not two – the DC rarely disappoints its visitors. Check out the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, or Fords Theatre National Historic Site. A real must-see in DC is the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial